Online Academy is an all-in-one homeschool solution for those who are suddenly homeschooling. Daily video lessons are delivered to your child on-demand by expert teachers. Every week, class advisors update parents on student progress and daily lesson schedules. Lessons, eTextbooks, and assignments can be accessed from our responsive web interface from virtually any device, including iPad, Android, PC, and Mac. Online group tutorials are also available separately if you need extra help.

 A Full Year of Recorded Video Lessons with Subject Specialist Teachers

 Online Class Advisor Support

 Daily lesson schedules and weekly progress reports

 High quality curriculum and learning plan

Records and Support 

Top-notch Accreditation

Learn Group

 Parent and Student Online Consultations with Class Advisor

High Unite (high school groups and clubs)

HG PLUS (Parent Level Up Seminars)
 Access to exclusive HG events (Graduation, Student Summit, Purity Ball, student camps)

Community Acquaintance Fair

Family Sports Day

One HG Thanksgiving