Open to Grades 3 to 12, Tech-AOP Ignitia is designed for independent learners who will learn online through an interactive and engaging curriculum and have access to a wide variety of resources such as virtual labs and a blended learning library, with tests, quizzes, and assignments seamlessly integrated into the curriculum so your learner can go at their own pace. Parents can monitor and support their child’s progress through the online platform.

High quality fully online curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications

Instructional Videos, Online Library, and Virtual labs

 Online consultations

Integrated quizzes, tests, and assignments

Records and Support

Top-notch Accreditation

Chat Support

Learn Group

 High Unite

HG PLUS (Parent Level Up Seminars)

Parent Teacher Certification

Access to exclusive HG events (Graduation, Student Summit, Purity Ball, student camps)

 Community Acquaintance Fair

 Family Sports Day

 One HG Thanksgiving