Academic services including accreditation, records support, Advisors, and assessment; plus curriculum options to choose from

Community groups (“Learn Groups”) clustered by program and location that get together and undergo collaborative experiences

High Unite (Highschool groups and clubs)

Nurture and showcase your child’s giftings in various events and milestone celebrations that bring the larger community together

A suite of seminars focused on equipping you to become the best Teacher/Facilitator for your child

We understand that there is no one size fits all in learning, so we’ve developed our flexible and personalized education programs to address the needs and challenges you encounter as parents. From homeschooling programs for parents who are blessed with the opportunity to be their child’s primary learning facilitator, to academies that provide additional teacher and classroom support, as well as specialized programs for exceptional and challenged learners, our homeschooling solutions are designed to make your journey convenient and effective.


Customizable curriculum with seasoned homeschool advisor support
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Tech - AOP
High-quality fully online curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications
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Tech - BJU
High-quality blended curriculum with instructional supplements from Bob Jones University Press
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Online Academy
Comprehensive video lessons on-demand with Class Advisor support
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Specialized homeschooling with TLC advisor support
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TLC Online
Specialized homeschooling with online support
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add ons

Online Tutorials
Online group tutorials for Math, Science, Filipino, Social Studies, and English
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